The best way to further profits is to automate processes with the best marketing software. That is why we offer some of the best software to help make more money online. All software comes with resell rights.

Kindle book maker

This software allows you to easily create kindle ready books up to 7 chapters long, it is simple to use and a great tool for anyone selling ebooks on Amazon, Smashwords or there own websites.

Article Merger

This software allows you to merge articles from a variety of sources simply by pasting them into the program as txt files. The software then merges the information in all the articles together to form one article that is ready to publish and will pass any copyright test, this is perfect for most internet marketers as it saves the time of having to rewrite articles.


This autoresponder is perfect to put on squeeze pages to automate emails sent out to people that enter it on the page.

 Psychic Popup Injector

This software is great for any websites that focus on selling particular items. It stops visitors leaving your website and sends them to another page or gives them an offer before they can leave the website. This leads to more sales and improves the bounce rate of websites.

 Resell Rights License Maker

This software generates resell rights licenses for ebooks and software allowing you to sell the resell rights of your products to people. It is perfect to expand the sale of your product as buyers of resell rights will sell it to there customers whilst it still contains your name or website name within the ebooks or software.

 Testimonials Generator

There is no better way to gain potential customers trust then to provide testimonials from previous buyers. That’s why this software generates testimonials ready to publish on your site from over 50 different templates, all you need to do is fill in the name of your product and the details of the “person” providing the testimonial and then hit generate.

 Software Designer Pro

This software allows you to create custom software that does whatever you want easily, this is great for creating software to sell and software to automate processes.