Experiments in: Domain Flipping #3

Before I get into what’s been happening with the domain flipping, I want to apologize for taking so long to post this article. A lot has been happening with my other businesses so I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time domain flipping. Over the next two weeks I will also be busy however after that there’ll be weekly updates and I’ll probably dabble in some more money making ventures. Now that’s out of the way, lets talk about what’s been going on. If you missed the first 2 articles, you can click here for the first and here for the second.

For those who have forgotten, here’s what the profit and loss looked like after the last article.


I left off with 2 of those domains listed on Flippa, 2 on NamePros and 1 on eBay. Sportsalloys.com ended up selling for $15 on Flippa whilst reobanks.com is still listed and the starting price has been lowered to $20. I can’t go any lower then $20 as I’ll be losing money, but I have a feeling the domain wont sell. I’ll keep extending the end time though for another week or so and if it doesn’t sell I’ll cut the price and accept the loss. At $15 sportsalloys.com only made $0.75 in profit accounting for all fees so overall it hasn’t been a real success either.

The 2 domains listed on NamePros ended up not selling even though there starting price was $1. I’m not sure why they didn’t sell, they are aged domains that don’t expire for 10+ months. My assumption is that people only buy off long standing members on NamePros. That’s just a guess though, if anyone is a regular user on the forum and knows why the domains didn’t get attention let me know and I’ll try again. For now though, I think I’ll stay away from selling there.

The domain listed up on eBay also didn’t sell but I digress, let’s talk about some success. I just sold a website I made awhile ago when I tried out micro-marketing. The website was telekinesisarea.com and I sold it on Flippa for $200. You may be thinking, ‘Dylan, what does this have to do with domain flipping?’ let me get into that. Someone suggested to me after the first article that I great landing pages for the domains before I tried to sell them. After selling that website it got me thinking, that site only took a couple of hours to make and it sat there for 2 years. What if I found long tail keywords around domains and made sites for them. Long tail keywords are easy to rank with so if I wait a month or two for traffic to come in, I could resell the domains as websites.

I recently registered a lyrics domain and made a site around it because the thought occurred to me that new song lyrics would be easy keywords to rank for as there’s no competition. I think I’ll instead use this website to try out this method. The site’s name is oglyrics.com and it hasn’t been completely created yet however I think if I can get at least 1000 visitors in the next month I can easily resell it on Flippa.


I put the stats so far for the site above so you can see what it’s at now and I’ll add the domain registration cost to the flipping excel document. I’ll put more time into the site and build up those numbers and see if it sells on Flippa in a months time. If it does I’ll definitely try to rinse and repeat. I’ll also lookout for domains with low-competition keywords and make sites around them before reselling.

Aside from coming across this strategy you’re probably wondering what else has been going on. If you remember I started bidding on cheap aged domains on Flippa. I’ve been bidding on practically all of them that have come up however I’ve only won one in the past couple of weeks, offersgalore.com.


As you can see I paid more then the normal $1 instead I went up to $6 but I did it for a reason. The domain is not only 17 years old but it also has over 2 years left before it expires. I have a feeling because of those 2 facts and the name which I think is good will make it easy to sell.

In all honesty the first thought I had with that domain was to use it to dropship with, however I ended up registering my own domain for that so thought it would be better to flip the domain. I have been wanting to try and sell a domain directly to a company or website since I started back domain flipping although I haven’t had the chance until now. I checked the monthly searches on the domains keywords ‘Offers Galore’ and the results were promising.


50 searches a month might not be anything special, but it meant there was interest in the domain. For this reason I Googled the keywords to see what websites targeted them.


The first and primary target I came across was offersgalore.net. That website not only had the same domain with a different extension but it also had a Facebook page with hundreds of likes. This meant they definitely had an audience and may be interested in the domain. So I sent In an email offering to sell it to them for $250.


$250 is definitely a steep price to pay and I don’t expect them to pay that however it’s my belief that the best way to negotiate when selling is to start high. Some of you probably think that starting high will scare buyers off but that’s just my mentality. I’ll wait a few days to see if I get a reply, if I don’t I’ll email any website that sells products or offers discount codes. Then if that doesn’t work I’ll have to think of another method to sell the domain.

Just a quick note, after trying out selling offersgalore.com to another website, I decided to search the other domains I bought to see if they also had any websites using there keywords. I learned the domain hemmetsjournal.com is actually a Swedish magazine. I haven’t actually received the domain from the seller yet, but I’ve messaged them and will definitely attempt to sell it to the magazine owner.

Aside from that, I haven’t done much more. With the rest of the domains I think I will keep on buying them for $1 until I have around 10 then sell them as a bundle on eBay. I’ll post another update in a week or two, in the meantime feel free to let me know any methods you want me to try out. Also subscribe your email to get updates on new posts, I’ve started to try out dropshipping and will write up how that’s been going soon. New subscribers will also get 419 audio books with resell rights as a bonus and trust me when I say this. resell rights are awesome for starting out making money online. Without resell rights I wouldn’t have the budget to attempt new methods.

Below I’ll post the excel document with the profit and loss, if anyone has any questions or suggestions on what I’ve been doing let me know.