Is micro-marketing dead now?

Recently I wanted to get back into micro-marketing with a few friends. If you don’t know what micro-marketing is (or was) it’s when you create websites that target low-competition niches. It’s supposed to make it easy to rank in Google and allows you to earn from affiliate marketing and AdSense. It used to work okay a few years back when I did it. I created 2 websites in the superpowers niche and wrote several articles targeting select keywords for them.


The first site targeted keywords around telekinesis. At the time, telekinesis was being searched 140000 times a month and only had about 1 million results. The second site was targeting other fake kinetic powers, some keywords like biokinesis has over 49000 monthly searches and under 300000 results at the time. I ranked on the first page for several of the keywords I targeted on Google, never in the top 3 though. All the articles on the sites I wrote myself which was a gruelling process. Except the pyrokinesis article I paid a freelancer to write just to see the quality of there work.

The ebooks on the sites are short 1000-2000 word books. I paid $5 for each of them to be made by another freelancer. The mind powers site ended up making $70 from ebook sales and $25 on the telekinesis site. Both sites earn very little on AdSense as well. So I never had great success micro-marketing but at least I achieved some success.

Anyway back to why I think it’s a dead strategy now. So I suggested to a few friends that we try micro-marketing on a mass scale. We talked about it for a bit and decided to give it a go. We all set out to find some profitable niches to target with some sites. I kid you not, I spent hours scrolling through weird subreddits, going on random word generators, scrolling through Wikipedia and more but I couldn’t findĀ a single good niche.

For those wondering what determines if a niche is good, I check it’s monthly searches on Googles ad words keyword tool and if it gets over 1000 searches I check its results from a Google search. If it has under 500,000 results it’s normally easy to rank. I went through this process with dozens of keywords but it was to no avail. I could not for the life of me find 1 good niche.

So the thought came to me, maybe micro-marketing is starting to die out. I decided to check the keywords I targeted previously on the 2 websites I mentioned earlier and the results were not good.


As you can see, all of the keywords I used to target have basically died out. The only one that’s still have decent is telekinesis, but 140000 searches to 4400 is a massive drop. I don’t know if this is proof micro-marketing is dying or maybe peoples interests are just shifting. If people are becoming disinterested in these kind of niches my theory is that there interests lie in trends. By this I believe that most people are just searching for trending topics like the mannequin challenge.

This is leading to massive drops in monthly searches in other niches. Because of this my friends and I had to cancel our plans to start micro-marketing. If any of you have seen success using this method in recent times comment down and let me know. I’m probably going to list up my two websites on Flippa or something, seeing there value will probably decrease due to lacklustre interest in those niches. Hopefully we see a new micro-marketing method on the rise soon, however for now it seems that it’s a dead method.

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