Experiments in: Domain Flipping #2

It’s been a while since the last article and in that time I’ve learned some things and also have some updates on the domains bought earlier. First off though, I want to thank everyone for there comments and support on the last article. The tips you provided have given me some ideas and also helped me understand more about domains. If you haven’t read the last article you can take a look here. So let’s get into what’s been happening.

As you probably know I bought 4 domains, the 2 I listed up in the Facebook groups didn’t attract much interest. So I listed sportalloys.com on Flippa and I have another plan for ucadmission.com that I’ll go into later. With the other 2 that I listed up on Flippa to start off with, I have some big news. REObanks.com is still listed but hasn’t received any bids however oncepopular.com sold for $125.

You’re probably wondering ‘how did it sell for so much?’ and to be honest I have no idea. I had to extend the auction several times and lowered the starting price to $40 and still wasn’t getting any bids. Then a buyer asked what was the reserve and buy it now price, and I told him $40 and there was no buy it now. He placed a bid and with 22 hours to go got outbid by someone else and asked again what was the buy it now price.


I knew he was probably going to buy it on the buy now but how much for I was unsure of. At the time $125 seemed like a good amount so I set it at that and replied to his message. Within minutes he bought it.


Sure $125 is a great price to sell a domain bought for $21, but the fact he bought it so quickly made me think. What if I had set the buy now to $150, $200 maybe even $250 would of he bought it? I pondered that for awhile but moved on. The sale of that domain put me in profit overall, even with the $18 success fee (15%) and the new $9 listing fee for listing up sportalloys.com as well. I’ll keep extending the auctions and maybe lower the prices on the other 2 domains up on Flippa until they sell and I’ll let you know the plan with ucadmission.com lower down.

Now I’ve updated you with what’s been happening with the previously bought domains lets get into what else I’ve been trying. I did some research on other places to buy and sell domains and found out godaddy has an auction area. I took a look at the area where you can buy domains and found an awesome filter. In the popular searches you can select a bargain bin option where all the domains have a $5 bin.


You may be thinking to yourself, yeah and? what’s so good about that? they are probably bad domain names that haven’t aged. I thought the exact same thing so I clicked on one of the domains and it said it was 7 years old. I didn’t think it was legit so I checked it on the age checker and it was indeed 7 years old. A domain that age for only $5 I don’t know about you but that amazed me and gave me so many ideas. But the main idea that I liked the most was to scroll through and find as many 8+ year domains and resell them on eBay.

So I found a few domains and went to the checkout and as you would expect there was a catch. The domain was $5 but there was also a $19.99 renewal fee you had to pay alongside it. Obviously I didn’t want to pay $25 for a domain just because it was aged so that option was out.

However it wasn’t all bad, while I was scrolling through the domains I remembered something. If you look at the last article and the excel of how I went domain flipping before now you’ll notice something. Typesofsharks.com was bought for $1 and resold for $35. You may be wondering how I got a domain aged 10+ years so cheap, and how it resold for $35. Well with that domain I actually bought it for a $1 on Flippa and resold it for $35 on Flippa. I find it pretty funny that happened, however that just shows why it’s worth it to keep extending listings on Flippa until they sell.

Recalling that transaction got me thinking though. Why not continuously bid $1 on .com domains 5+ years old on Flippa and resell them elsewhere. So that’s just what I started to do. If you want to try this method of picking up domains out I’ll leave a picture of the filter I used below this.


In the include only section I included reserve met and auction and in the extensions .com, .org and .net. I know .com domains are normally the only ones that sell, but if there are some interesting aged .org or .net domains I would be willing to try reselling them. So I have been going through and bidding $1 on any of these domains without bids. So far I have won 5 domains and am winning several more at the moment.


All of these domains also have 10+ months left before they expire as well which is also a bonus. I’ll keep bidding on more and hopefully build up a big portfolio of aged domains to resell. Speaking of domain portfolios though, someone suggested I check out the NamePros forum. I did just that, read a few posts on valuating domains and also discovered they have a marketplace.

There were a lot of large domain lot listings that interested me but I also thought why not try to sell the aged domains I get for $1 on there? I’ll go further in detail on that in a bit, but first I want to let you know about the bidding ventures on the forum. Long story short, I didn’t win any but there was a listing with 213 5 letter .com domains that I tried pretty hard to win. You can see that listing here I bid $126 but gave up when I was outbid at $151.

You probably think it’s insane for me to bid so much on all of those domains, especially considering they weren’t aged. It probably adds to the insanity the fact that the domains expired in September so I would have to sell them all by then or pay a massive renewal fee. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with them but I had just made a few big sales on eBay and I was feeling confident. My logic was, if I win it for $126 and resell every domain for at least $1, I’ll make a massive profit. Many of you may think that logic is flawed, however I also believed many would sell for more then $1 and was thinking of ways I could resell them.

Whether or not I would of won or lost with that domain bundle we will never know. But moving on I decided to list up a few of the aged domains from Flippa at a $1 starting bid on NamePros. Even if they only sell for only $1 I will still break even.







On NamePros you can only list 2 auctions at a time so those are the only 2 I put up. If I start winning a lot more domains on Flippa, I may make multiple accounts to list more. However for now that will do. Now, the time has come to let you know what’s the plan with ucadmission.com. I don’t know why I felt the need to put this towards the end of the article but it’s done. I tried listing it up on Sedo and I don’t know if any of you have used that site before but it is difficult as all hell.

So I skipped that and decided to try my luck listing it up on eBay.


So that’s it for this article. In the coming days I’ll keep bidding on aged domains on Flippa and eBay. Maybe even find a lot to buy on NamePros. I’ll give you an update probably next weekend unless something big happens before then. If you have some strategies you want me to try, let me know and I’ll give them a go. I hear backlinks can make domain names pretty valuable as well, so I may look into that and see how it works.

In the meantime subscribe your email for updates on new posts if you want. I might try out some dropshipping again soon if anyone’s interested in that. I guess that’s all, I’ll post a picture of my overall expenses and revenues so far below. If it gets to the point where to domains are outside of view for a screenshot in the future I’ll start posting the file itself below.




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