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Whenever you look up how to make money online there are always hundreds of methods available at your disposal. However these methods people write about and make videos about normally either don’t work, leave out key details or are extremely falsified when it comes to potential revenue. I’ve always been a fan of finding new income streams for obvious reasons, but the problem is its hard to find a diamond in the rough. So because of this I’ve decided to do a new thing on this site where I try out money making methods and give all the details of my experiences in these posts. By doing this I get to find more ways to make money and if they work you can use the same methods as I will be talking about everything I try. So without further ado, lets get domain flipping.

Before we get started I’ll just give some background information about my prior experiences with domain flipping. The only time before now I attempted domain flipping was about a year ago. I had no idea what I was doing but somehow made a profit overall. I didn’t have a strategy however I knew aged domains sold so that’s what I searched for on eBay. So basically all I did was bid on cheap domains that were 8 years or older and resold them on Flippa. People who are experienced domain flippers must be thinking that’s stupid, but somehow it worked, I sold 8 domains and made $107 in net profit. I recorded all the sales in an excel document which i will put a screenshot of below.


As you can see I made money on some domains and lost on a couple. Looking at this you may be thinking, ‘Dylan, you made $107 why did you stop doing this method’ well the answer is it stopped working. I don’t know why but I could no longer find good aged domains on eBay so I just gave up. Also if your wondering why I lost so much on that nolapse.com domain, I sold it for $60 and the buyer didn’t pay so I had to relist and it only sold for $40. This really pissed me off and may have assisted in me stopping domain flipping. Anyway, here I am trying it again, lets hope to find a more sustainable method.

So to get started, I know there are many methods people use when domain flipping but I’m going to use my go-to eBay to Flippa strategy to get started. I know it’s boring but it’s worked in the past. As the days go by I might dabble with some other strategies, but for now let’s start with this. As I said at the start, I hate guides that leave out key information. For that reason, I’ll be specific and include screenshots whenever I can.

So to begin I went over to ebay.com and searched for ‘aged domain names’. I refined the search so the max price was $40 and started scrolling through. What I was looking for was relatively short domains that are over 8 years old. Just a quick note, for those wondering, the site I use to check domain ages is: http://websiteseochecker.com/domain-age-checker/#arearesult

I’m sure that could of been found with a Google search, but as I said earlier, the devil is in the details. Also while I’m at it another quick note. Only .com domains sell most of the time. There may be circumstances where this doesn’t apply but I haven’t found any. Those who are experienced domain flippers will probably complain about that statement in the comments, but it’s my opinion. Back to it, after scrolling through I couldn’t find any good aged domains. For some reason people misunderstand the word aged on eBay now. I kept on seeing listings of people stating there domain, then aged 2017. If the domain is registered in 2017 it’s not aged! We are 2 months into the year I don’t know how someone could consider that as aged but that’s just my opinion.

Because that search didn’t work, I resorted to the strenuous task of sifting through every domain. To do this I just searched ‘domain name’ on eBay and set the max price to under $40. I then scrolled through and checked nice looking names ages as I went. After searching for what felt like hours, mostly because of the stupid ‘I’m not a robot’ test on the domain age checking site I finally found some good domains. There was 7 of them, all with bidding under $10 and they were all 10+ years old.

Capture Capture2 Capture3












Even though in reality I had only been scrolling through for about 10 minutes and was on the second page, I was ecstatic. Immediately I went to bid on all of them as you would expect, however eBay didn’t like that. I was given this message after bidding on about 4 of them.


I have no clue why eBay decided to give me that buying restriction, but that error wasn’t stopping me getting those domains. Little did eBay know I actually have 2 accounts. Why do I have 2 accounts you may be asking, well I was banned from selling on the first so made a second. But that is a story for another day. So I bid on the rest of the auctions then continued scrolling through. About another page in I came across another domain that was 11 years old.


At only $18.99 I knew there would be a catch with this domain. Scrolling down to the description I found just that, the domain would expire in May. So I had 2 options, forget about it or risk it for the biscuit. If couldn’t sell it before May I would have to pay the $10-$15 renewal fee. This might not sound like much, but in the scheme of things an extra $10 could lead to a loss. However, there was that looming best offer option available. For that reason I decided to offer $10, if the seller accepted great if not I would forget it. After sending the offer I went through about 3 more pages and found nothing.

I ended up setting a max bid of $10-12 on most of the domains and $25 on one then going out for a bit. When I came back the offer I sent for eternalrecurrence.com was rejected and I had won 4 out of 7 of the domains bid on. The domains I won were oncepopular.com for $21, reobanks.com for $7.16, sportalloys.com for $3.25 and ucadmission.com for $11.50. Looking at this you may be wondering, Dylan why did you spend so much on that once popular domain? Well the truth is for no particular reason except I thought it had good potential. That may seem like a stupid reason, however I can see lots of people being interested in turning it into a website about previous trends, or maybe a site that sells items popular in different eras. For that sole reason I was willing to spend more.

It took about a day to get the domains into my Godaddy account after which I listed 2 of them on Flippa.


Also whilst on the topic of Flippa, I thought I would mention a quick tip learned awhile ago. When you list domains up on Flippa, never let them end unsold. Instead simply extend the end time if it has no bids, that way you never have to pay to relist. Now your probably wondering why I didn’t list the other 2 domains up on Flippa. Well for them I had other plans. I made a new Facebook account and searched for ‘Domain Flipping’ and joined a ton of groups. Then I made the post below in all the groups.


I have never tried this strategy before but thought I would give it a go for a week. If I get no offers from members of the groups, I will list the domains up on Flippa. That’s it though for this first post, I will post #2 in the coming days and let you know how everything goes. In the meantime feel free to leave a comment and let me know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe suggest some strategies and I’ll try them and let you know how they workout. Thanks for reading and make sure you subscribe your email so you get updated when new posts are released.

Also to keep track of how much I make/lose with domain flipping, I’ve made an excel document to record everything.


4 Comments on Experiments in: Domain Flipping #1

misseb said : Guest Report 6 months ago

ab34426: cool. Thanks for explaining.

ab34426 said : administrator Report 6 months ago

Thanks for the reply, Once you win the domain, the seller asks for your details on whatever host they are hosted on. Then you send normally your email and account number and they send the domain over to your account.

Josh said : Guest Report 6 months ago

Great post, looking forward to future updates!

misseb said : Guest Report 6 months ago

Thanks for the write-up. Very detailed. Followed you via Reddit. Will be following your progress. I have a question/s: What happens b/w you winning the bid on eBay and you receiving the domain? What exchange happens in order for you to receive it?

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