Quick Tutorials: How to make a website

No matter what field of marketing making a website is valuable knowledge to have. Whether your micro-marketing, making squeeze pages or creating an online store you will need this knowledge. For anyone who has never made a website before the process can seem daunting. Many people assume creating websites requires a professional or coding knowledge when in reality it doesn’t. You can create a great website in a short period of time with just a few steps. Firstly you will need a hosting account and a domain name. The hosting website doesn’t matter as long as it allows you to install WordPress on websites. Hostgator is good to use for this however hosting prices have increased recently. Once you have a hosting account you can register a domain. The domain then needs to be connected to the hosting account. To do this simply change the nameservers for the domain to the ones provided by the hosting website. Once connected you can begin to create your website. Install WordPress onto the domain by finding the prompt in your cPanel for your hositng account. Once WordPress is installed you are almost finished. You just need to enter your new websites WordPress admin page by entering the details you put when install WordPress. The all that’s left for you to do is to customize the website. You can change its appearance by going to then clicking themes in the dropdown menu. There you can choose from thousands of themes. Once you have a theme you can start to customize the front page of the website by going to the customize tab in appearance. Here you can edit titles and add or remove features. Once this is done your website is done. You can create and publish articles in the posts section and install plugins to improve the functionality of your website.

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